The Nines

The Nines

Title: The Nines

Release: 2007

Rating: 6.4

Language: English, American Sign Language, Spanish, Latin

Country: USA

Runtime: 100

Genre: Sci-Fi , Drama , Thriller , Fantasy , Mystery

The Nines

Release 2007
Rating 6.4
Language English, American Sign Language, Spanish, Latin
Country USA
Runtime 100
Genre Sci-Fi , Drama , Thriller , Fantasy , Mystery



Gary, an actor who plays a cop on television, uses too much lighter fluid when he burns his ex-girlfriend's things, then he drinks and drives, uses crack, and crashes his car. He sobers up in jail and is placed under house arrest and the watchful eye of a publicist, the cheery and tough-minded Margaret. She moves him into the empty house of a writer who's away in Canada on a shoot. Gary meets Sarah, an attractive and seemingly-willing neighbor. His friendship with Margaret blooms and strange things happen: he finds notes he doesn't remember writing, he hears noises, and he seems to bump into himself in the kitchen. Two remaining chapters reveal what's going on.

Director :
John August
Writer :

John August

Actors :

... Margaret / Melissa / Mary

... Parole Officer/ Agitated Man

... Gary / Gavin / Gabriel

... Sarah / Susan / Sierra

... Noelle

... Streetwalker

... Himself