Title: ANYA

Release: 2019

Rating: 0

Language: English, Spanish

Country: N/A

Runtime: 80

Genre: Sci-Fi , Drama


Release 2019
Rating 0
Language English, Spanish
Country N/A
Runtime 80
Genre Sci-Fi , Drama



Marco is keeping a big secret from his wife Libby and doesn't know how to tell her. But after three miscarriages, Marco has no choice. When he tells Libby that his culture believes anyone who marries outside his community is cursed to never have kids, she thinks he's lying. Libby takes him to an ex-boyfriend geneticist, Seymour, to help talk some sense into him. When Seymour accidentally discovers Marco's people might be special from a scientific perspective, he offers to help them overcome their infertility. But in return, Seymour wants to pry open Marco's secretive community so he can publish on his groundbreaking discovery. Marco must decide between having a future with Libby or betraying his community.

Director :
Jacob Akira Okada, Carylanna Taylor
Writer :

Carylanna Taylor, Jacob Akira Okada

Actors :