Canoa: A Shameful Memory

Canoa: A Shameful Memory

Title: Canoa: A Shameful Memory

Release: 1976

Rating: 7.9

Language: Spanish, Nahuatl

Country: Mexico

Runtime: 115

Genre: Crime , Adventure , Drama , Thriller

Canoa: A Shameful Memory

Release 1976
Rating 7.9
Language Spanish, Nahuatl
Country Mexico
Runtime 115
Genre Crime , Adventure , Drama , Thriller



A group of students arrives in a small town during a hiking expedition. Once there, the local priest accuses them of being communist agitators on the run from an army crack-down against student demonstrations in nearby Mexico City and rallies the townsfolk to lynch them. Based on true facts occurred in the town of Canoa in 1968.

Director :
Felipe Cazals
Writer :

Tomás Pérez Turrent (screenplay)

Actors :

... Ramón

... Julián

... Miguel

... Jesús Carrillo Sánchez