It's Me, It's Me

It's Me, It's Me

Title: It's Me, It's Me

Release: 2013

Rating: 5.9

Language: Japanese

Country: Japan

Runtime: 119

Genre: Sci-Fi , Drama , Thriller , Comedy

It's Me, It's Me

Release 2013
Rating 5.9
Language Japanese
Country Japan
Runtime 119
Genre Sci-Fi , Drama , Thriller , Comedy



Guess what can happen when you pretend you are someone else. You could be replaced by a clone when you clone someone else. Then there could be more clones and they could be everywhere. Then others recognize the clones instead of recognizing you and the clones are the originals and the originals are cast aside. It multiplies from there.

Director :
Satoshi Miki
Writer :

Tomoyuki Hoshino (based on the novel by), Satoshi Miki (screenplay), Satoshi Miki

Actors :

... Tajima

... Hitoshi Nagano

... Masae Nagano

... Sayaka

... Detective Murano