Is She or Isn't He?

Is She or Isn't He?

Title: Is She or Isn't He?

Release: 2010

Rating: 7

Language: English

Country: New Zealand

Runtime: 71

Genre: Documentary , Drama

Is She or Isn't He?

Release 2010
Rating 7
Language English
Country New Zealand
Runtime 71
Genre Documentary , Drama



The intimate story of a self-proclaimed 'fat hairy woman with a penis' and her 5-year search to find love and acceptance. Growing up as a small town boy who seems more like a girl, Graham is an outsider. He can see only one solution - to change his gender. Graham decides to become Ashleigh. She insists she is heterosexual and a virgin. But just as Ashleigh starts to really change her appearance, she also reveals an inner conflict and confusion about what she's really doing. Ashleigh dreads being identified as transgender and wants desperately to be accepted as normal. Ultimately she hopes that becoming a woman will make her just that - normal.

Director :
Justin Pemberton
Writer :

Justin Pemberton