Last Known Address

Last Known Address

Title: Last Known Address

Release: 1970

Rating: 7

Language: French

Country: France, Italy

Runtime: 105

Genre: Crime , Thriller

Last Known Address

Release 1970
Rating 7
Language French
Country France, Italy
Runtime 105
Genre Crime , Thriller



Police inspector Léonetti, a tough, efficient policeman, has been sent to a second-rate police station after being reprimanded. There he is given a partner, young and beautiful Jeanne Dumas. The duo are soon assigned a very difficult mission: to find a man whose evidence is instrumental in convicting a murderer. They start searching throughout Paris...

Director :
José Giovanni
Writer :

José Giovanni, Joseph Harrington (novel)

Actors :

... Principal Inspector Marceau Leonetti

... Jacques Loring, Martin's neighbor

... Greg, the henchman

... Jeanne Dumas, the new auxiliary

... Frank Lambert, Leonetti's colleague and friend

... Soramon