Heroic Losers

Heroic Losers

Title: Heroic Losers

Release: 2019

Rating: 7.2

Language: Spanish

Country: Argentina, Spain

Runtime: 116

Genre: Crime , History , Adventure , Drama , Thriller , Comedy

Heroic Losers

Release 2019
Rating 7.2
Language Spanish
Country Argentina, Spain
Runtime 116
Genre Crime , History , Adventure , Drama , Thriller , Comedy



August 2001, Alsina (east to Argentina, close to Atlantic Ocean). In a little town with absence of population and resources, former soccer player Fermín Pelassi and his wife Lidia decide to create a cooperative buying an abandoned silo to restore it and hire people to work, hoping to bring back the business Alsina. Talking between others with friends as aged Antonio Fontana (a self-declared anarchist and Bakunin's fan), train station chief Rolo Belaúnde, redneck expert in explosives Atanasio Medina, businesswoman Carmen Largio and the naive not-too-much-smart but lovely José and Eladio Gómez brothers, all they reunite an amount of 158,000 $. Not having a bank in Alsina, Fermín and Lidia travel the neighbor town of Villagrán to leave the money in a safe box trusting in Alvarado, bank manager, to keep it while they try to negotiate with silo's owner to reduce the original price of 300,000 $. Therefore, Alvarado convinces Fermín to change the money from the safe box to his own bank ...

Director :
Sebastián Borensztein
Writer :

Sebastián Borensztein, Eduardo Sacheri (novel), Eduardo Sacheri

Actors :

... Fermín Perlassi

... Rodrigo Perlassi

... Carmen Lorgio

... Antonio Fontana

... Belaúnde

... Medina