Blowfly Park

Blowfly Park

Title: Blowfly Park

Release: 2014

Rating: 5.4

Language: Swedish

Country: Sweden

Runtime: 96

Genre: Drama , Thriller

Blowfly Park

Release 2014
Rating 5.4
Language Swedish
Country Sweden
Runtime 96
Genre Drama , Thriller



Kristian Keskitalo was once a talented hockey player. Now, he's a nobody. Then, after a night spent together, his buddy Alex goes missing. Kristian starts acting increasingly aggressive and irrational, getting mixed up with local kids, setting up shaky deals, looking to confront wrongdoers. Then, Alex is found dead. In the wake of tragedy, Kristian seems to connect with Alex's father, Berndt. But Kristian also longs for a connection with Diana, Alex's widow. And, he thinks he's the real father of Elias, their son. In fact, taking over his friend's life in all possible ways seem... well, natural, almost. Only, Kristian is a liar. The police are watching him, as is Berndt, both moving closer and closer, as Kristian edges towards breakdown.

Director :
Jens Östberg
Writer :

Jens Östberg

Actors :