Pray for Death

Pray for Death

Title: Pray for Death

Release: 1985

Rating: 5.8

Language: English

Country: USA

Runtime: 92

Genre: Action , Crime , Drama , Thriller

Pray for Death

Release 1985
Rating 5.8
Language English
Country USA
Runtime 92
Genre Action , Crime , Drama , Thriller


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Akira Saito, a Japanese businessman lives in Tokyo with his Japanese-American wife Aiko and their children, Takeshi and Tomoya. When the family has a chance to move to the United States so that Aiko can teach the children about their American heritage, they pack up and head for Houston, Texas and run a restaurant. This is where the trouble begins. A band of crooked cops store stolen goods in the back room of the restaurant and unknown to the Saitos family, a priceless necklace (the Van Atta necklace), is wanted by a local syndicate. When one of the dirty cops decide to take the necklace for himself, the syndicate goes after the previous owner of the restaurant, then after the Saitos'. When one of the boys is kidnapped by top thug Limehouse, Akira quietly rescues him. However, when Aiko and Tomoya are run down by Limehouse in an effort to get the necklace, Akira has had enough. For years, Akira has kept a dark secret. Akira finally decides to unleash his dark side.

Director :
Writer :

James Booth

Actors :